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Todays post is from Annette Giacomazzi.  A mom and creator of CastCoverz!.

In the fall of 2008, my daughter, Elli, then 10, fell off the school’s playground structure and snapped her humerus, the large bone in the upper arm, by striking a piece of equipment. This was her 6th broken bone. Though that was heart wrenching, that wasn’t the shocking part. The shocker? It was a totally avoidable accident.

Did you know most accidents, nearly 70 percent, occur on public playgrounds, including school playgrounds? More than one-third of all playground injuries are severe, with children experiencing fractures, internal injuries, concussions and dislocations. Of all playground equipment-related injuries, nearly 70 percent involves falls to the surface, and 10 percent involve falls onto the  equipment. The higher they are, the farther they fall and the risk increases for a fracture when they are at a height greater than they are tall. So, if your child is 3’ tall, the rule of thumb is don’t climb over 3 feet. Elli was playing on top of a 7-foot high play structure.

Additionally, emergency room statistics support that playground-related injuries occur during two distinct seasons, the beginning and the end of every school year. Anecdotally and from a mother’s point of view, children are distracted from thinking about safety because of the excitement of the start of the school year or the end of school. Being safe is the farthest thing from their mind. It is the parents, educators, and playground supervisor’s job to alert our children about the potential dangers of school playgrounds.

Nope, we didn’t sue. But, we asked that safe playground practices from SafeKidsUSA were followed.  Oh, and we created CastCoverZ! CCZ! provides functional and fashionable products designed to cover casts, orthotic walking boots, splints and braces, and companion products to bring relief and comfort to orthopedic patients. We have 18 branded products that are proudly made in the  USA, bought out our crutch and crutch wear supplier, and create local jobs. CastCoverZ! has been featured in Yahoo!, Good Day Sacramento, Entrepreneur, Parenting Magazine, (two columns), Mom Invented, a variety of medical journals and dozens of popular blogs. CastCoverZ! products are currently available at select orthopedic surgeon offices, pharmacies, or direct at CastCoverZ! ships world-wide. We are your “Feel Better, Heal Better” company. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!


BIO: Ms. Giacomazzi, CEO and founder of CastCoverZ!, is a serial entrepreneur with deep sales and marketing experience with Fortune 500 companies, is a speaker at various trade events most recently at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exposition, a frequent contributor to national publications and blogs and a breast cancer survivor. In addition, NY Times best-selling author, Stephen Key, is featuring Ms. Giacomazzi and CCZ! as one of seven entrepreneurs in his new book, One Big Idea for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs (McGraw-Hill, Nov. 2012).


  1. staceybeck01 says:

    As much as I hope that no one falls on our playground equipment and breaks anything I do have to admit that these are very cute! I’ve never broken anything but if I did I would want my cast to look like this!

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