The Secret Lives of Restaurant Delivery People

It’s strange but often times even though we realize it internally, there is a strange thing that happens to us when we are involved in routine situations. Often times you forget that the people we are dealing with are people just like you and me, and they become blurred in the chaos and anticipation of a situation itself, and as a result you become focused on what you want or need, and fail to understand what that individual may be going though. A perfect example of this is restaurant delivery people.

On any given day there may come a time when you what to get some great food delivered to you. Having it brought to your house is one of those amazing little perks that you can enjoy living in the society that we have. Not only do you not have to worry about making the food in the first place, but you can have it delivered to you. The trouble with this is that we become impatient, intolerant and sometimes down right cruel when dealing with these people because we focus on the task at hand and can forget that this individual is not some embodiment of the business you are going to, but just some person working a job. There are many things that these restaurant deliver people have to deal with and some of the secret lives they live can sometimes be obvious yet surprising to us.
For example, when you see a restaurant delivery person drenched in water and shivering in the pouring rain remember that it is not a nice thing to just close the door on their faces while you try and find the last little bit of change you need to pay for the order. It is nice to try and find all of that before they arrive.
It is also nice etiquette to not be on the phone while you are answering the door. They may not be your best friend coming over to hang out, but they do need your attention for a moment.
In addition to being polite, it is also general etiquette to first put on clothing before answering the door. You may be surprised how often people will answer the door to pick up a delivery without being properly dressed or in a compromising position. This just makes it uncomfortable for everyone.
Also, please remember there are a lot of restaurant delivery people who do not make enough to survive as it is, let alone the fact that much of their pay is dependant upon the tips that they collect from delivery. A standard for tips is between 10 and 15%. If you are just saying keep the change from a 20 on a $19 sale you are shorting them.
Just remember that in the end restaurant delivery people are still people, and if you want to have good service you make sure that they are well taken care of. It will come back to you some day. Do you want that to be something good, or bad? The choice is yours.


  1. This is very true. Delivery drivers are often looked over an not compensated properly. They deserve to be treated with respect.
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