Recycled Crafts – Toilet Paper Roll Owl

One of my favorite things to do is last minute crafts.  I very rarely find that I have enough fore thought to go out and buy the things that we need to make a craft at any given time.  That is why I love to do crafts like my Paper Plate Aquarium, where for the most part all of the items needed can readily be found in the house already.  That is why I really love this Toilet Paper Roll Owl.

Paper Plate Owl

I mean really how often do you not have an empty toilet paper roll sitting around your house?  I know I usually have at least one every other day or two!  So here is everything that you will need.

- 1 Toilet Paper Roll

- Tape

- Glue Stick

- Cupcake Wrappers

- Colored Card Stock (or crayons to color your white card stock)

- Black Crayon or Marker

Now comes the fun!

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Step 1: Start with an empty toilet paper roll and fold the top down to form the owl ears.  Attach with a small piece of tape.

Step 2: Using two  cupcake wrappers trimmed to create wings, glue them to the back of the toilet paper roll with the good side facing into the roll.

Step 3: Cut a cupcake wrapper into quarters then cut off the flat part of the wrapper so that you have 4 pieces that look like those in the picture above.

Step 4: Attach your new ruffles to the toilet paper roll layering them from the bottom up.

Step 5: Using white card stock cut out 2 round eyes.  add pupils and any other details that you would like using a black marker or crayon. Cut out a small rectangle out of orange card stock (or in my case white card stock colored orange) for the owls beak and glue them to your owl.

Step 6: Stick the owl on your fingers and play, or make yourself some owl buddies!




  1. These are so cool. You have the greatest crafts. I keep printing them out and we do them when we have down time – I gather all the stuff I need in big ziplock bags. This is definitely going to be one!
    ElizabethTowns recently posted..UBC #3 – The Letter I finally wroteMy Profile

  2. Great idea! My kids will be totally into this. This is next on my craft list. Thanks for posting!
    Patricia Zyska-Pickett recently posted..Buy Something Beautiful on Etsy – Win a $50 Gift Card!My Profile

  3. Sandy VanHoey

    Oh how cute. We love finding different projects to do with my grandson., Perfect!

  4. I am always looking for ways to reutilize paper towel or toilet paper rolls. It seems such a waste to throw the little guys away. This is so cute, thanks.
    Tiffany Hutton recently posted..OutragedMy Profile

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