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I’m a firm believer that I was WAY funnier when I was a kid than I am now.  I never really understood this (because let me tell you I was a funny kid) until I had kids of my own. For a long time I would listen to the stories my mom would tell me about when I was little, or watch videos of myself as a young child and crack up.  I couldn’t figure out how I could go from being such a funny kid to such a not funny adult.  Then I had kids of my own and I figured it all out!  Kids just don’t care.  They have no filter and no real care for what anyone thinks about them.  They don’t know they are funny, they just know that they have something to say and that they are going to say it.  Sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes it makes others laugh at us. But usually they are just having fun being themselves.

I was recently introduced to and their Kids Say of the Day really got me thinking about some of the hilarious things my kids say on what seems like a daily basis.

Do you have a vagenda


My kids have definitely kept me in stitches since the day my not eight year old said his first word (which by the way was door! Yes you read that right his first word was DOOR).  I have shared a few with you, and there have been a few that my husband has well more or less asked me to keep to myself.  Let me tell you it takes ALL of my self control to do that.  Being the mom of three boys it seems that the topic of conversation many times in our house is Penises.  This came full circle when we found out that we were going to have a little girl to go along with our three boys.  As we were trying to explain to them the difference between boys and girls and for those of you who have not read it yet, that is where the Vagenda Story came from.

Where is her Penis?


One of our most recent “Did he really just say that” moments came from my soon to be 3 year old soon after we brought his baby sister home.  I was sitting on the couch changing her diaper when he walked over to me and decided that he need to see what I was doing.  To his surprise and shock, I took of her diaper and he gasped, looked at me and with this incredible look of concern on his face he asked me “Mommy, what happened to baby sister penis?”.  I tried my best not to laugh but the truth is I just couldn’t help it.  He was so concerned that his little sister had lost her penis.  He even made me check the diaper to make sure that it didn’t come off in there!  He was sweet, and we have since had many discussions about how little girls don’t have penises.

Orange in teeth

Grab a glass of wine, put on some depends, and head over to or check out their twitter feed @NickMom and find out for yourself why I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants!  Then be sure to leave a comment below with the funniest thing your little ones have ever said/done.  Was it hysterical?  Or was it one of those things that made you red in the face when it happened but looking back makes you laugh.


  1. Your little boogers are so cute. I love that the youngest really thought that his little sister lost her penis! That was super cute. Thank God for #NickMom!
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