Spring Break Craft with Elmers #gluenglitter #cbias


We had been looking forward to spring break around here for a long time!  March was unseasonably warm!  Like low 80′s in Chicago!  That is just unheard of!  So we were ready for spending all of spring break outside having fun and enjoying the weather.  But mother nature had other plans for us!  The Friday [...]

Easter Traditions – Italian Easter Bread *Preview*


I love the holidays!  Each and everyone of them!  From baking Christmas cookies to letting the kids stay up late to watch the July 4th Fireworks. One of my favorite Easter Traditions is making Italian Easter Bread.  I remember spending Easter with my family and having this bread all around the table!  This year I [...]

Feeding My Zoo Del-Monte and We Bought a Zoo – #iLovemyK9 #CBias


We try to hold movie night in our house at least once a week.  Its a fun way for the older boys to get some good mommy and daddy time and its usually filled with lots of laughs, hugs, cuddles, and the occasional tear.  Leela (our Husky/Shepherd mix) usually finds a nice cozy spot next to the [...]

Ongoing Cloth Diaper Giveaway Linky

This is your one stop shop for all giveaways cloth diaper!  Link up your giveaways and maybe add a few of your own! Please be sure to include an end date for all giveaways! I will clean it up periodically and if there is no date I can only assume its over!

Cloth Diapers 101 – Ammonia


There are a ton of ins and out to using cloth diapers.  Secrets and tips that can help to save your sanity.  This series is going to focus on some of the troubles with cloth diapers and try and help you to solve them! For most parents ammonia is not a word you think about [...]

My Top 5 Workout Songs

As many of you already know I have been trying to work out more and motivate myself to get back in shape.  One of the ways I motivate myself is to listen to music!  I  mean really is there any other medium in the world that can have the effect on us our moods and [...]

The Battle of The Bulge (and the budget)

Like most mom’s I have struggled with my weight for years and tried what feels like EVERYTHING to lose the weight.  From Nutrisystem, to the Atkins Diet and just about EVERY exercise program in the world. I recently came across a post from Amanda over at Midwestern Moms and felt like I could completely relate to EVERYTHING [...]

Stuffed Cabbage


We have been in a dinner rut in our house for quite sometime.  So last night I decided to drive out of the rut and make something new. So for dinner last night I made these yummy-lisous Stuffed Cabbage.  And it was way easier than I expected. Ingredients: One Head of Savoy Cabbage Extra Virgin [...]

Yummy Easter Cupcakes


If you haven’t figured it out I LOVE to bake, but I’m not always  fan of baking from scratch.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t take a ordinary cupcake and make it something Extraordinary with these yummy Easter Cupcakes! Here are a few Easter Cupcakes to make your Easter Table look even more delish! Using [...]

My Son’s Penis is NOT Your Business

**Disclaimer** The purpose of this post is not to agree or disagree with the purpose of circumcision or leaving a baby intact.  Yes I have 3 circumcised children and at the time felt that I was doing what was right for my boys.  I have since learned that maybe I didn’t.  While I would LOVE [...]

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